Blue Mountain Tours


Journey through the capital learning of its history and heritage. You will hear the stories behind the music, the streets, the buildings, and the communities.




The Rastafarian Community located in the Blue Mountains is a unique wa to experence life of the following of Rastafari. On the tour you'll be told about Rastafaian life including the priciples of living in HARMONY with nature and the role of Haillie Selassi

The tour ends on musical note with a traditional drum and chanting session in the temple. The community has its own private contemplation. Traditional jewelry, clothing and herbal remedies are made and sold a the craft shop.


Unwind with nature and discover the Blue Mountains, Jamaica First UNESCO Word Heritage Site. Learn about our hisory, climate, culture, soil all that go into the making of the world's famous Blue Mountain Coffee. Blue Mountain Coffee mainains its place amongst the best gourm coffee in the world!




Story of Jamaican Music

What is it about this tiny amazing country that has led to the creation of the world famous Reggae music and spawned the musical genius of the likes of Bob Marley?

On the Story of Jamaican Music Tour you are immersed in Jamaican music, from mento to ska to Rock Steady to Reggae to Dancehall. Visit music studios, meet Jamaican musicians, and be captivated by the story told by our knowledgeable and friendly guide.

 *Inclusions: Guide, assorted cold beverages, comfortable air conditioned transportation with WiFi on board.

What you need: Comfortable shoes, sunblock, insect repellent, money for lunch and souvenirs, camera